MOMO is a faster, secure way of building complete location-based service applications and experiences.

We call it Full-Stack Smart Lighting as Services.

Axrtek - network

Ubiquitous, super fast wireless Internet access.

  • MOMO streams downloaded and uploaded data at rates hundreds of times faster than Wi-Fi and cellular.

Axrtek - security

Secure data transmission without worrying about network intrusions.

  • All data transfers between MOMO and mobile devices are endpoint-to-endpoint with no eavesdropping.

Axrtek - nav-smartphone

Push context-aware notifications and apps to mobile devices.

  • With the MOMO API and SDK, push relevant content to visitors and customers based on where they are.

Collect, store, and analyze data in real-time and turn it into actionable business insights.

  • MOMO data services give retailers a competitive advantage in driving point of sale back to the store.

Axrtek - cloud

Powered by the cloud for seamless user experiences and intelligent decision making.

  • Leverage the cloud to run context-aware apps, predictive analysis with big volumes of data.

Plug and play Full-Stack MOMO solutions for your

Smart Lighting as Services application.

MOMO isn’t just visible light communication systems: it’s also software and cloud services that make your Smart Lighting even smarter. Our API and SDK make it easy to program your lighting to send targeted messages to visitors through their mobile devices. The MOMO cloud backend empowers businesses to stay ahead of trends in the market, customer behavior, and even inventory management. Our cloud architecture synchronizes seamlessly with mobile devices for fast, responsive mobile on-location apps. MOMO solutions can even be integrated as a complete Internet of Things platform based on visible light communication.





mobile devices



MOMO Context
Aware Runtime

Data Analysis
and Storage

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Internet of Things

Smart Lights, Smarter Homes, Smarter Offices, Smarter Cities.

Explore the many possibilities of Full-Stack Smart Lighting as Services with MOMO technology that go beyond location-based services.